124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

The Loop

Introducing The Loop, the new blog at the heart of a reimagined GolfDigest.com

April 02, 2014

At Golf Digest headquarters, most conversations feature at least one person holding a golf club. The more engaging the topic, the more likely we are to reach for one mid-sentence. The other day I was reprimanded by our office manager when she caught me mindlessly chipping off the carpet during a heated debate. "Sorry," I said. "Habit."

When we first conceived of The Loop, the ambitious blog at the core of a new GolfDigest.com, this was subconsciously what we had in mind. Whether it's in an office or on a tee box, what's the stuff that truly grabs golfers? What are the talking points that have us so engrossed we don't realize we are wearing out the carpet (and infuriating office managers everywhere)?


*We're introducing a new blog at a time when our game is being reimagined.

Photo by Morgan Maasen

The answers to these questions extended beyond the obvious. For as much interest as there is in Tiger vs. Jack, Augusta vs. Pebble, 5-wood vs. hybrid -- all topics we will invariably cover -- there was also interest in those areas along the game's periphery: style (What should you pack for a weekend trip?); fitness (What's a 10-minute workout you can do in your hotel room?); pop culture (Wouldn't Justin Bieber be better off if he just spent more time on his short game?)

And that will be The Loop, a destination we hope to make essential enough you'll be checking back multiple times a day. It will be serious one minute, silly the next. It will be words, and videos, and animated GIFs -- and anything else that tells a story in an effective and entertaining fashion.

In many ways, The Loop is a reflection of where golf is in 2014, straddling the line between the traditional game we love, and a game that is being reimagined. We've never been in a better position to chronicle that curious dynamic than we are now. We hope we give you plenty to talk about.

*Sam Weinman is the editor of GolfDigest.com. *