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In the wake of Usain Bolt's takedown, Jesper Parnevik recalls his own run-in with a Segway

August 28, 2015

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in history. But not even he is quick enough to avoid an out-of-control Segway.

After winning the 200m in the World Championships for the fourth consecutive year, Bolt walked around the track waving to the crowd in Beijing. It was all pretty typical until a cameraman on a Segway following the track star lost control of his vehicle, and, well, almost ended Bolt's brilliant career.

The moment made Jesper Parnevik recall his own accident on a Segway last year:

Fortunately, Bolt wasn't hurt and he even made up with the cameraman who accidentally took out his legs.

The moral of the story is something Parnevik learned the hard way: Be careful around Segways.