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In the "These Guys Are Particular" Department: Robert Garrigus corrects weights in irons, shoots 65

If you're a PGA Tour player and you're having issues with your equipment, just come to the Travelers Championship -- it seems to be a place where players figure things out.

On Thursday after shooting an opening-round 65 Robert Garrigus remarked that he had been playing all year with irons (TaylorMade's RSi TP) where the weights were not what they should be. The TaylorMade tour team corrected the issue Wednesday, making Garrigus' fast start maybe more than just a coincidence.

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Garrigus' story also brought to mind that of Ryan Moore four years earlier. Moore uses a reminder grip -- a grip with a raised rib in the area where the fingers grip the club and players are often persnickety about where the rib is positioned. "I'm such a feel player and the grip was just spun a little bit to the right, which if I get my hand on there the way I like to was actually making the club face shut 2 or 3 degrees," said Moore at the 2011 Travelers. "I've been overdrawing it and overdrawing it, and for the last five or six weeks my swing felt great and I just couldn't figure out what was going on.

"I was honestly going crazy these last few weeks," he continued. "I gave my equipment guys a pretty darn hard time but we got it straightened out. It must've helped."

That it did. Moore had three rounds of 64 or better at the Travelers (a second-round 70 the lone exception) and hit 72.2 percent of his greens in regulation (he came into the event ranked 121st at 63.4 percent) helping lift him to a runner-up finish.

We'll have to see if Garrigus has the same good fortune.

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