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In show of support, Bradley instagrams a picture of his new "bababooey" wedge

August 29, 2013

The eternal question: Is it OK for players to yell "Bababooey" after pros hit their shots? General opinion, for now at least, appears divided. Ian Poulter has been the most outspoken in the weeks and days following the PGA Championship, when the issue was thrust into the spotlight, tweeting that he wants to Taser the shouters.

Related: GIF: Yelling fans wreak havoc during final round of PGA  That opinion (the not liking it part, not the Taser part) has been backed by some professionals, but not as many as you might think. In his article from the Barclays last week, Golf Digest's Derek Evers reported that a number of pros, Jason Dufner, Jordan Spieth, and Nick Watney among them, said the shouting doesn't bother them. Keegan Bradley was another quoted, saying: "I love it. You're trying to make golf more fun, let's not take it away from the fans."

Related: Screaming fans not a major issue amoung pros And Bradley's not backing down, instagramming a picture of his new Cleveland wedge Thursday morning with the word "bababooey" stamped on it. Check it out: #iframe://||| Follow @lukekerrdineen