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In retrospect, the Arizona Cardinals probably shouldn't have sent this tweet

From the day the Arizona Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury, the speculation about their No. 1 overall pick began. The consensus was that the Cardinals would absolutely take Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray, who Kingsbury had fallen in love with back when Murray was at Allen High School in Texas and Kingsbury was the offensive coordinator at Texas A&M. Murray ended up at A&M his freshman season, but Kingsbury was already gone to Texas Tech.

Even though they ended up going separate ways, Kingsbury's affinity for Murray never wavered. In October of 2018, days before Kingsbury's Red Raiders would eventually lose to Murray's Sooners 51-46, the coach gushed over the future Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback. At the time, it was just an opposing coach praising the opponent, but when Kingsbury got the Cardinals head coaching job in January, the clip resurfaced. Kyler to Arizona at No. 1 was now a done deal in the minds of many.

But a month after the Kingsbury hiring, the Cardinals, who drafted former UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen a year ago in the first round, sent out a tweet that they probably wished they had back. Granted, it was a direct quote from their new head coach, but he and the front office obviously weren't ready to show their hand months before the draft. So Arizona's social media manager rolled with the quote anyway, giving it the dramatic picture and eye-popping font treatment, and telling us that "y'all are having fun with speculation, but..."

Yes, the fact that this is still not deleted is great, in addition to the fact that they then replied to their own tweet with a story linking to Kingsbury's quote:

But the best part of the tweet still being up is that Rosen is almost looking at their new Twitter handle in the photo:

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 8.06.34 AM.png

"KardsGotKyler.... but, also, Josh is our guy. Y'all keep having fun with speculation though."

As expected, the tweet was dragged through the mud on opening night of the NFL Draft, and Twitter had a field day:

The Cardinals may be liars, but at least they got an absolute stud and "their guy" in Murray. Now it's time to trade their other "guy" at some point on Friday.