Golf Digest WomanJuly 30, 2009

In lieu of a leader board

The power of seemingly amateurish social networking sites is undeniable. Take this, for example: before checking the leader board at the Women's British Open this afternoon, I knew exactly who played well and who didn't.

All I did was read their twitter updates.

Read the following three tweets and guess who played well and who didn't:

  1. "And now...A hot bath to try and counterbalance the freeze that has set into my bones!"

  2. "And yes, I did hit a left handed shot out of a bunker today...figure out the rest."

  3. "Having nice curry (different place to last time) and then bed and early morning!"

It's pretty obvious, no? If not, here are the answers:

  1. Christina Kim, +1, T7

  2. Morgan Pressel, +5, T52

  3. Maria Hjorth, E, 6th place

Unlike my fellow blogger (Stina Sternberg, of course), I've succumbed to Facebook and Twitter, and I follow most of the players on tour. Although I wholeheartedly reject a recent suggestion that the players tweet during their rounds (yep, former-LPGA Tour Commissioner Carolyn Bivens brought that to the table), I do love reading their pre- and post-round thoughts.

--Ashley Mayo