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In honor of Jon Stewart, here's the Daily Show host making fun of golf

Last night marked Jon Stewart's last episode of the Daily Show, and we'd like to add our own farewell to the barrage of goodbyes that are flooding out today.

Our parting message to Stewart is, Goodbye. We'll miss you...even though you harshly disagreed with us that one time.

Remember when President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner played golf together while talking about the economy? Stewart didn't let the moment go unscathed.

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This matters to us for a few reasons. First, every time a person of power touches a golf club, they get vilified. And we're tired of it. Golf is not the enemy, here.

Second, we openly supported that specific pairing.

In our piece, author Steve Rushin says, "Imagine the two most powerful elected officials in America riding out a long downpour in a rain shelter. Politics, they say, makes strange shedfellows."

And that's the piece that we think Stewart missed. Yes, meeting for a round of golf is more expensive than sitting down in a conference room. But when you're out on a golf course, you get to know someone- how they handle little successes, little failures, and you have the opportunity to bond in the mutual, individual, struggle.

While Stewart didn't comment on these potential positives, he did throw in that Tee Party joke. And we can always respect a good pun.

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