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In a letter sent to Julian Edelman, former teacher admits he was dead wrong about him

Julian Edelman has made a living off of proving people wrong. The 5-foot-10 New England Patriots wide receiver was never supposed to make an NFL roster, let alone stay on it for nine years.

In high school he shined at quarterback, but not enough to receive any big-time college offers. He eventually found himself at Kent State, where despite breaking the record for total offense in a single season as a senior, he wasn't invited to the NFL Combine. He was drafted in 2009 by the New England Patriots, but not before 231 players were selected before him.

So, you could say he's had his doubters. The latest being a former college teacher who recently sent Edelman a letter, detailing how dead wrong they were about the two-time Super Bowl champion, which he tweeted out on Tuesday.

In an age where the social media haters come out in full force at all times, and would never, ever, admit they were wrong, this was pretty cool.

Another Super Bowl ring thanks to a miraculous catch, a two-year, $11 million contract extension AND this letter from his old teacher? Safe to say Julian Edelman has officially made it.