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Impact: The most unmistakable golfer of his generation

April 30, 2014



*"**It's something I'm extremely enthusiastic about. ... I love the opportunity the USGA sees with Fox to reach down to an audience that seems to be disappearing from the game, a younger audience." -- Greg Norman ***

Norman's return to golf as an analyst for Fox Sports' upcoming coverage of the sport is welcome news on several fronts. Viewers can hope to get Norman at his unfiltered best, the Aussie likely offering opinionated viewpoints that can help Fox carve out space in the golf-media landscape as it takes over as the flagship network for the USGA.

Fans of the Shark's snappy style aren't likely to be disappointed, either. As a player, Norman had a presence -- in victory and in defeat -- that drew attention to himself, one that carried over into his second career as a businessman. His distinct look made him instantly identifiable, something that's certain to remain as he begins his latest undertaking.

Getty Images (1979)