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If you missed Miles Bridges' THUNDEROUS dunk you should stop what you're doing and watch it now

November 07, 2018

Everyone wants every single dunk in the NBA these days to be a POSTERIZING dunk that ENDS someone's LIFE. It's sadly made myself, and I'm sure others, jaded when it comes to jams. I get a "(insert NBA player) throws down MONSTER jam" alert on my phone sometimes and immediately roll my eyes, knowing it's probably a standard, run-of-the-mill two-point basket.

Alas, that was NOT the case with this vicious, ferocious, thunderous, downright salacious (had to use another 'ous' adjective, think this one kinda works) slam-bam-jam he's the elevator man dunk by Charlotte Hornets rookie Miles Bridges last night. My word, he may have actually killed both the rim and Atlanta Hawks center Dewayne Dedmon:

That, my friends, is a freaking dunk, something the Hornets bench mob was very aware of:

Well-earned bench freakout from Bridges. That was thrown down with authority, as you can see from the ball launching into the crowd after going through the hoop and bouncing on the floor. Looks like he was gearing up for this one in warmups too:

Yeah, I think it's a safe bet the former Michigan State Spartan is in the dunk contest. We should mention that the Greek Freak had a pretty ridiculous dunk on Sunday too:

Not bad, not bad. But this round goes to Bridges.