If you don't want to cry, then you definitely shouldn't watch this epic Elton John commercial

November 16, 2018

We're still a week away from Black Friday, but the award for best Christmas commercial has already been, um, wrapped up. Congrats to. . . John Lewis & Partners? Wait, what the heck is that?!

According to Wikipedia, John Lewis & Partners is not a law firm, but "a chain of high-end department stores operating throughout the United Kingdom." So it's the Macy's of the UK, minus the Thanksgiving Parade? Got it. Anyway, that's not what's important here. What's important is that John Lewis & Partners partnered with Elton John (and some marketing genius) to create a gem of an ad that's deserving of an Oscar nomination for best short film.

There's a good chance you've seen it by now thanks to a bunch of celebrities sharing it on Twitter, but if you haven't, give it a watch. And better keep a box of tissues handy.

Just Elton John playing/crooning "Your Song" is enough to cause all the feels, but the kid unwrapping the piano at the end? Full-on WATERWORKS here.

Great stuff — and a great message. Buy a piano for your kid and they could turn into a musical legend. Hmm. Does John Lewis & Partners do trans-Atlantic deliveries?