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If you can swing it, hit it, read it, watch it...

January 24, 2011

A great word, "stuff," its agility separating it from words posing as synonyms. It was Koufax's stuff, for instance, not his things, that helped land him in Cooperstown. The late George Carlin famously did a riff on stuff and where we store it. "That's the whole meaning of life, isn't it," Carlin asked, "trying to find a place for your stuff?"

"Stuff" has greater range than a world-class soprano. It covers just about everything. So will this blog, as long as it's golf stuff and it's new -- good or bad, large or small, necessary or frivolous, costly or cheap.

Here are the ground rules: If you can swing it, hit it, read it, watch it, hear it, taste it, play it, touch it, wear it, admire it, it's in play here. Suggestions and questions are welcome.

So is debate and opinion. All stuff, after all, is not created equal, as this old British definition of the word reminds us: "worthless or foolish ideas... rubbish."

Presumably that will only apply part of the time here. The rest of the time, as Johnny Miller likes to say, good stuff.

-- John Strege