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If this drive hitting a water skier isn't staged, it could be the greatest golf shot ever hit

July 14, 2017

We preface this post by saying we don't think this amazing golf shot was actually pulled off. But what if it was? Forget about Jack Nicklaus' 1-iron at the 1972 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach or even Gene Sarazen's "Shot heard round the world" 4-wood at the 1935 Masters, or any Tiger Woods highlight, this could be the greatest golf shot ever hit.

OK, enough hyperbole. The shot involves a shirtless and shoeless guy hitting a drive at a water skier in a lake. Talk about precision.

If he didn't hit the skier, he sure sold it well. And if he did hit the skier, we sure hope he or she is OK. Watch "the shot" and judge for yourself:

And you were proud of yourself for hitting the range picker from 50 yards.

One responder to the original post, @flyest_byrd, got really, REALLY technical in explaining how the shot could be real.

"Tiger woods can hit a ball off a tee with a driver at 120 mph meaning that his ball travels 176 feet per second now the time in between the hit and when the guy falls is let's say 3 even as low as two seconds. In two second tigers ball is roughly 350 feet going at an arch. So if the ball is hit parallel to the ground that's roughly 360-360 feet in two seconds and that is more than enough time to hit the guy so yes it's very, very possible to pull this off. Did it actually, who knows but scientifically it CAN easily happen."

So there you go. It could have happened. At least, according to some guy. Regardless, I think we can all agree that in the interest of safety, no one else should try it.