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If bookmakers are right, then Tiger Woods will play in the Masters (and he'll probably win, too)

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Tiger Woods may be playing down his chances of playing in the Masters -- "It's still a little too soon," he said in a press conference on Monday -- but the bookmakers aren't buying it.

According to newly-released odds on Tuesday from, Tiger is 1/6 to play in the Masters, and just 7/2 to skip the event. In other words, if you were to bet $6 on Tiger playing at Augusta, you'd make a mere $1 if he did. Will Tiger Woods play the 2014 US Masters? 1-6 he does, 7-2 he doesnt! @SkyBet

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SkyBet may be one of the few betting outlets offering odds on whether Tiger will tee it up at Augusta, but that's not the only indication we have of bookies expecting Tiger to play. His odds may have lengthened in recent weeks -- presumably due to his poor play and injuries -- but Woods still remains one of the heavy favorites, his price ranging anywhere from 6/1 to 9/1 (the latter price being offered by Bovada).

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Here's a look at some of the odds from a few major bookies (screen grab from


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