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Ian Poulter to unveil new line of women's clothing

August 22, 2013

It's the first round of the FedEx playoffs- but that doesn't mean that Ian Poulter has forgotten about one of his other passions: fashion.

Ian Poulter Design (IJP) Women tweeted a picture Thursday of an ensemble that is part of his women's collection, marked to come out in six weeks (the first week in October by our count):

Poulter's bright, unapologetic clothing line has been on the market since 2007. According to his bio on, his company designed outfits for the 2008 Great Britain and Ireland Curtis Cup team, but other than that, IJP Design has only created clothing for men. Until now.

A handful of photos have been tweeted in preparation for the release of the line this fall. If you (or a female golfer in your life) is in the market for a pair of late-season plaid pants, IJP Design Women is looking to fill that gap in your closet. Poulter's characteristic plaid patterning has migrated over from the men's line and looks to have the potential to be a staple in the women's line as well.

Focused on chilly weather, the jackets and color-blocked sweaters look sharp, while maintaining that same level of flair everyone has come to expect from Poulter. Even if you opt for solid-colored cropped pants and a monochromatic shirt, the decorative belt buckles provide enough edge to make the outfit fun.

It's not surprising that a self-proclaimed 'perfectionist' like Poulter would not stray far from his men's line when creating women's clothing.

"I look at how I set up my house, my life, my business, I want it to be the best it possibly can be . . . I believe we have the best golf product in the world," he said.