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Ian Poulter shows why you should never take out your anger on your golf bag

November 10, 2016

Striking a golf bag with a club is a popular way for a golfer to take out his/her frustration. But it can backfire. Badly.

The bag can break. The club can snap. And then there's the potential collateral damage done to what's inside the bag (Bet you never thought about that). Thanks to Ian Poulter for sharing this:

Poulter isn't clear whose bag those smashed smartphones come from. But he did finish Thursday's opening round at the OHL Classic at Mayakoba with a bogey to shoot a disappointing 72 (one over). Hmm...

Regardless, we assume the tour pro -- whoever it is -- will take care of this quickly. And we can all learn something here: Be nice to your golf bag.