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Ian Poulter fires back at social media trolls: "I enjoy blocking the sad individuals"

May 05, 2017

Cliff Hawkins

For the second time this week, a golf personality is making their social-media feud public. But in this case, the subject is not taking a passive stance on the matter.

Ian Poulter, a divisive figure who enjoys poking the bear from time to time, had a mostly innocuous endorsement post backfire. Though most of the comments weren't too sour, the 41-year-old felt the need to air his grievances on Twitter:

While it might seem like Poutler can't take a joke, we understand where he's coming from. Following a golfer just to ridicule or criticize is not in the spirit of the game. There's already enough scathing material on the Internet; this should be one of the areas free of such contempt.

Poulter recently regained his tour card, and is expected to play at next week's Players Championship.