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'I looked like a clown'

December 31, 2009

Golfers stereotypically and often unfairly (John Daly a notable exception) are considered sartorially challenged, which made this quote stand out.

It came from the Dutchman credited with foiling an attempt of a Nigerian man accused of attempting to detonate explosives on a jet bound for Detroit on Christmas Day.

The Dutchman, Jasper Schuringa, had his clothes confiscated by federal agents, who wanted to test them for explosives, this Detroit News story reports. To replace the clothes, they took him to a PGA Tour Shop at Detroit's Metro Airport and bought him a new outfit.

"I looked like a clown," he said.

He wasn't playing to the stereotype, we're happy to report, just commenting on the size of the offending clothes. "The trousers were so big I had to hold them up," he said.

-- John Strege