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"TV Rewind" reactions

July 14, 2009

Mike Purkey's TV Rewind column generates a lot of mail, especially when he talks about the amount of TV time Tiger is getting. Of CBS's At&T National coverage, Purkey said: "If you didn't know better, you would have thought the last 90 minutes of the AT&T National was masquerading as the latest episode of 'Shell's Wonderful World of Golf.' That's because CBS all but ignored the rest of the field as Tiger Woods and Anthony Kim took the telecast hostage last Sunday afternoon."


Dear Editor,>

I am so tired of watching and listening to the one-man-show on Tiger Woods, that now I just leave the mute button on. At least, that way, I'm not subjected to a non-stop verbal attack; and if I have a good book on hand, I can just look up now and then and get the scores. It's such a shame we can't see and hear about ALL the wonderful players. The announcers are ruining it for all of us.>

Edward K. Sitkowski>

Novi, MI



Dear Editor,>

Mr. Purkey is dead on with assessment of the CBS coverage at the AT&T National last weekend. When are they going to understand that not everyone is cheering for or against Tiger? I like to watch golf and other players besides just the leaders.


Again, good article....please send to CBS Sports.

Bob Horner

Gallatin, TN


Dear Editor,>

I just finished reading Mike Purkey's article and felt a need to comment>

about it. Mike has hit on something that has bothered me for quite some>

time. I fondly remember the days when TV coverage was concentrated mainly>

on holes 16 through 18. And we got to see all the golfers make their way>

through these holes. That way we could become familiar with the names of>

even the lower ranked golfers, and maybe this would spur them on to play>

more consistently, as they would not have to feel as though they were in a>

fishbowl, when playing against one of the "big" guys.


Personally, I would love to see the coverage go back to that long

ago way of doing it.

John B. Lange

Winsted, CT

__Dear Editor, Although Mike Purkey had big shoes to fill in the TV Rewind section, he's done nothing less than excellent work. I look forward to reading it each and every week. Brent Lee>

Tsawwassen, British Columbia__

Thanks for the letters. In defense of CBS I will say one thing. Tiger Woods did win the tournament. On the other hand, I get that you would like to see more than just the winner every week.

--Bob Carney