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Hunter Mahan on Tiger Woods: 'Don't see enjoyment...seems to be more of a chore to him'

June 12, 2015

Everyone, it seems, has an opinion on Tiger Woods, even tour players, and Hunter Mahan's opinion is that Woods has lost the joy that once fueled his success.

"I just don't see the enjoyment in him right now," Mahan told Mark Lamport-Stokes of Reuters. "It's sad to see because golf is the ultimate enjoyment for that guy. He loves to get out there on the course, he loves to compete, he loves to grind it out. It seems to be more of a chore to him now than it used to be."


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Of course, when a tour player shoots 85, as Woods did in the third round of the Memorial last week, it's impossible to muster any joy at all. But the roots run deeper than a single round, Mahan suggested.

"I haven't watched a ton of what Tiger is doing but I have definitely watched a little bit of it because it is so confusing that a player of his caliber is struggling this much," Mahan told Lamport-Stokes.

"From a fan's perspective, I just don't see him enjoying the game as much as he used to. I don't know why. Technically, it's definitely not there for him after six, seven or eight months of [instructor Chris] Como. You would kind of think that technically he would have a better understanding of his game or he could see what he is trying to do but it's hard to tell that."