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How'd Your Team Do, Twitter Edition: Everybody Loves Kirk Cousins (just kidding. they really, really hate him)

September 30, 2019
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears

Dylan Buell

Folks, I have a take: I don't think Kirk Cousins is THAT bad.

And therein lies the problem with Captain Kirk. He's not THAT good either. And "not that good" is simply not going to cut it for three years and $84 million. But without an alternative for the Minnesota Vikings, the franchise is stuck with him for the rest of this season and all of next. He's neither bad enough to justify benching him, nor good enough to lead the team to a Super Bowl, no matter how incredibly talented the roster is. The Vikes are in quarterback limbo.

That said, it's pretty unfair to bury Cousins based off Sunday's performance. The Chicago Bears defense might drag Mitch Trubisky or Chase Daniel to the Super Bowl by itself. That's how good that unit is. Cousins, nor any QB not named Mahomes, has much of a chance against the new Monsters of the Midway (Aaron Rodgers mustered up all of 10 points against them). Leaving the game without getting killed is an accomplishment against Khalil Mack and da rest of da Bears.

But the fact remains, Cousins' record against winning teams continues to look worse and worse by the loss, now dropping to 5-27 (!) with yesterday's defeat against Chicago. It doesn't appear to be getting easier for Minnesota either. Next week was supposed to be a bounce back spot against the New York Giants, but they've now won two straight. The week after that the Vikes return home to play Philly, a team that looked like the Super Bowl contender many thought they were prior to the season against Green Bay. Later in the year they play at Dallas, at Kansas City and at Seattle. Do these sound like games Cousins has any chance in?

The answer is no, which means the Vikings, despite having one of the best rosters in the NFL top-to-bottom, are going nowhere near the postseason. Probably not what they had envisioned when signing Cousins to that deal, but ya live and ya learn I guess? Oof. Tough first four weeks to be a Vikings fan. Let the Twitter venting begin.

By the way, I could have literally copied and pasted this from last year and you wouldn't have known the difference. Time is a flat circle when it comes to Kirk Cousins.