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How you can shoot video of your own golf swing

May 21, 2013

The proliferation of apps designed to help golfers with their swings often require video of those swings, which in turn usually requires someone to man the video device.


Rokform, though not a golf company, has developed two products that will enable golfers to use their smart phones to take video of themselves, eliminating the need for a second person.

The latest is the v3 Golf Shooter Lite, a less expensive version ($59) of its original v3 Golf Shooter ($129). The Golf Shooter Lite comes with a mountable phone case (the one shown here is for an iPhone 5), a pole (that can double as an alignment stick) that sticks in the ground and tripod adapter that allows the use of most standard tripods instead of the fiberglass pole.

Simply attach your phone to the pole, stick the pole in the ground behind where you'll be swinging (or face on), hit the record button, then go hit balls.

The more expensive Golf Shooter is a fancier version that includes what resembles a golf shaft with a grip, with the phone attached at the end of the grip. It comes with a protective bag that resembles a headcover.

The v2 Golf Shooters were the brainchild of Jeff Whitten, CEO of Two Brothers Racing, which makes exhaust systems for motorcycles. Whitten is an avid golfer, a member of Mission Viejo (Calif.) Country Club, who carries a 9.7 handicap index.