StyleAugust 5, 2014

How you can make your way in today's flat-brim world

By Alex Holmes

It's not just Rickie, Rory and Keegan rocking the flat-brim fitteds anymore. I've seen tons of guys on all types of tracks picking up the SoCal style and shading the sun with some really good looks lately.

Two tips:

  1. If you're going with some of the stronger shades, say Nike's venom green or Puma's vibrant orange, do not try to connect the look with shoes and a belt in the same color. The hat/belt/shoe thing may make a statement on TV but, off camera it makes you look like spent way too much time putting your outfit together that morning.

  2. Play it backwards. Flatter, shorter brims look better backwards than the traditional rounded ones do. If you wear your hat backwards off the course, why not wear it that way on it? If someone says something like "It's against the dress code to wear your hat backwards at Bushwood!" ask him/her why and let me know what he/she says. I never figured that one out …

Check out six of our favorite styles and pick up some fresh flat brims to add to your rotation on and off the course.


Hats listed clockwise from top:

Oakley Flat Brim Trucker, Black and Red, $24 __

Nike Flat Brim Fitted, Venom Green,__ $30

Puma Greenskeeper, Heather Gray, $26 [


Linksoul Make Par Flat Brim Trucker, Navy, $29


____Nike Retro Flat Brim, Gray Tonal Camo,__$24 [


Pume Monoline 210 Flat Brim, Vibrant Orange, $26[




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