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How To Practice At Your Backyard BBQ

While we hope you’re going to play a ton of golf over the long weekend, the reality is you’ve probably got a bbq get-together or two on the docket. And that’s ok, because we had Gia Bocra Liwski, one of our Best Young Teachers, map out ways for you to work on your game during all of your backyard activities.

The Grill Master


While you’re patiently waiting for the perfect moment to flip those steaks over, take your grilling tongs and hold them in your right hand (for right handed golfers) and set up like you’re going to hit a shot. Your left hand should be hanging at your side. Swing back, and let your arm fold and feel the hinge in your wrist. When you swing down, feel your lower body turning towards the target, and feel that right arm straighten so it’s pointing back towards where the ball would be. “The object of this drill,” says Liwski, “is to emphasize an arm-body continuum, and the straightening of the non-target arm back towards the ground. Once you’ve established this movement, go ahead and repeat the swing pattern continuously, back and forth, engraining the feeling of the arm and body motion moving together in unison.”

The Sunbather


Out by the pool trying to even out your golf tan? Perfect. Grab your towel and twist it into a tight roll. Hold the towel in both hands, about shoulder-width apart. Take your golf stance, and let your hands hang freely and extended. Keep your arms straight, and swing back like you were taking a backswing with your club. If you don’t have great flexibility, you’re not going to be able to turn very far. “The objective of this drill is to create and feel extension and width in your backswing. Once you’ve established the movement, go ahead and repeat the swing pattern continuously, back and forth, engraining the extension and width from your lats, continuing to allow your lower body to rotate.”

The Quarterback


Use a casual game of catch as a way to practice your golf. Take the football, and throw it with a little umph. Pay attention to how you body moved during that throw. Arm went back, body weight loaded in the back, your front leg stepped forward, weight moved forward, arm came through like a whip and released, and all of your weight ended up on that front foot. “Just like this sequential football toss, your golf swing should also be a sequential motion,” says Liwski. “Think about your arms initiating the sequence of your golf swing, followed by your body and the straightening of your arms to deliver the club back down to the ball, all while finishing weighted-over and balanced on your target leg. The more in-sequence you can make your golf swing, the more efficiently and consistently you will strike the ball.”

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