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How to pick the perfect cigar

September 10, 2016

Famous Smoke Shop, official supplier of premium tobacco products to the Sunday Morning Group, has created a web-based utility that enables you to pick the ideal cigar to go with whatever you're drinking too much of. You select a spirit, then a price range, than an activity ("entertaining clients," "trying to forget your failures"), and it tells you what to put in your mouth. Not long ago, Famous Smoke sent us a nice big box of samples, and we held our second annual Cigar Day. Here's Mike A. making a selection before teeing off:

And here's Tim C., using a cigar as a pushcart navigational aid:

We tested four kinds: Oliva, Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, and CAO. Gene liked his CAO so much that he smoked it right through lunch:

It was Chic's turn to bring the food -- and he did his own shopping and patty-formation:

We supplemented the burgers, dogs, and chips with some fruit salad we found in the clubhouse fridge -- a leftover from the women's member-guest, which had closed the course for several critical hours the day before. The fruit was quite tasty, even it's supposed to be sort of good for you:

The day was so hot that we ate in the parking lot, next to the men's room, because it's shadier than the patio. No one was in a hurry to go home.