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How to condense your workout

November 19, 2014

Recently Mark Verstegen, an elite-level trainer and founder of Exos (@teamexos), assembled a pretty cool seven-minute workout program on behalf of the New York Times. You can see it here: The Advanced 7-Minute Workout. What I really like best about it is that it is well-rounded, keeps you moving and answers the age-old question of how busy people can find time to exercise daily.

It reminded me of my 20-in-20 workouts in terms of efficiency, but it also brought to mind that there are many exercises that can be combined in order to condense a workout without feeling like you short-changed yourself. For example, while doing push-ups, alternate lifting one leg off the ground. This helps strengthen your thigh and butt muscles while training the chest, shoulders and triceps.

A good idea is to combine upper-body and lower-body exercise. Click on the video below for a great example.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.