PGA Championship

Valhalla Golf Club

How to Be a Golf Hipster


Photo by Eddie Guy

Wear tight-fitting cardigan possibly purloined from grandmother's attic

Even tighter-fitting pants restrict hip turn for a greater X-factor

Express zero regret about spending two weeks' salary on waxed-canvas carry bag

Remember that nothing tastes better on a hot day than a double IPA

Why not walk off Maidstone after the 12th Golf doesn't have to be 18 holes

Remove nonprescription horn-rims only when plumb-bobbing

Pack bacon-jam-on-flaxseed sandwich for the turn

Inexplicably carry nouveau persimmon 4-wood 240 yards in the air

Settle $2 Nassau bet with Venmo

Stream KEXP-FM Seattle at a polite volume

Instagram club entrance when arriving via Lyft

Carry dog-eared copy of Tom Doak's Confidential Guide to Golf Courses in golf bag

Use handpainted wood alignment sticks for rogue practice sessions in public park.