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How Pete Dye killed one of Herb Kohler's sheep

November 08, 2010

OK, so architect Pete Dye did not actually kill the sheep. Still, the anecdote told in this blog post by Forbes' Monte Burke on meeting up with Dye at Whistling Straits recently is rather amusing.

Herb Kohler, the owner of Whistling Straits, once had 50 head of blackface sheep wandering the grounds, helping keep the rough from growing out of control. "Herb loves those damn sheep," Dye told Burke.

One day during construction of a road project there, Dye brought along one of his Belgian shepherds. "I wasn't paying attention to my dog," Dye told Burke. "And the next thing I know, that dog is chasing the sheep." One of the sheep ran straight into Lake Michigan with the dog in pursuit.

"I ran down and jumped into the lake and grabbed the dog, but by that time, the sheep had gone upside down," Dye said.

Dye, incidentally, was relieved that he lived to tell about it.

-- John Strege