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How is LeBron James this bad at golf?

December 26, 2013

On the NBA's opening night in October, the world got a taste of what LeBron James playing golf looked like. On Christmas Day, we got a full helping. Call it a Christmas gift from Samsung.

A new one-minute commercial with James and comedian Kevin Hart takes place entirely on the golf course. Hart does his best to help James, but the results are not pretty. See for yourself:

At the end of the ad, which racked up more than three million views on YouTube in its first day out, a laughing Hart says, "This ain't your sport. This is golf. But it's fine, we're trying something new!" Yes, basketball remains King James' specialty, as he showed again on Christmas with a pair of breathtaking dunks during the Miami Heat's 101-95 win over the Los Angeles Lakers.

But don't worry, Lebron. Golf is one of those activities you don't have to be good at -- or even semi-decent at -- to enjoy. Just ask your friend, Charles Barkley.