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How Danny Willett cost a soccer legend more than $11,000 by winning the Masters

April 12, 2016

When it comes to soccer tactics, many argue that former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson was as good as they come. But when it comes to golf gambling, he doesn't always back the right guy.

It turns out, Ferguson bet on Jordan Spieth and not fellow Brit Danny Willett to win the Masters. And he bet a lot. As in 8,000 pounds, which converts to $11,414.84 to be exact. Check out the funny video of Ferguson informing Willett of his loss in Augusta on Sunday night:

To Ferguson's credit, he puts his UK allegiance over cash, congratulating the new green jacket winner and telling him he was "so delighted" and "happy to throw it away" for a Willett victory. That's sweet.

Ferguson also said the "excitement was unbelievable" on the 15th hole when the scoreboard changed to show Willett had taken the lead after Spieth's quadruple bogey on No. 12. If only he had bet with his heart instead of his head.