Hot List

The Experiment

May 04, 2010

Seriously? That's the reaction Hot List panelist Steve Lachman, a 4-handicapper, received from a staffer in his club's golf shop when he purchased a sleeve of the Pinnacle Dimension. Lachman was part of our experiment testing $15-a-dozen balls against premium balls. "The trajectory and feel were the same as a premium ball," says Ricky Brown, a plus-2. "I was impressed with the playability, except for wedge spin and cover durability." Adds Matt Vanasse, a 10-handicapper whose score with both balls was the same: "It makes me wonder if I really need to be playing a tour ball." In our test, players averaged three shots worse with the cheaper ball. But Lachman's assessment is worth noting: "When I drown a Pinnacle, I don't feel as bad as when I drown a Pro V1. That's got to be worth a shot right there."