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Hotel-room hunting is one way to get over shooting an opening 80 in a PGA Tour event

October 29, 2015

Shooting an opening-round 80 -- after flying all the way to Malaysia for the PGA Tour's CIMB Classic? That's not fun. Shooting hotel-room shampoo bottles and water bottles in your room? That sounds fun.

PGA Tour pro John Peterson gave us this hilarious video after his first round at the CIMB Classic. This is one way to use a bidet, which we're assuming is what Peterson meant when he artfully said he used a "butt cleaner" for his bathroom target practice. Take a look:

The glamorous life of a PGA Tour pro.

As you can tell from his comment, the Louisiana native Peterson is a huge hunter. Check out his Instagram for a taste of his game. Sounds like he's been working on his hunting skills over his golf game. And it's paying off -- at least, in his hotel-room hunting games. Plus, it gives us an excuse to link to this clip from "Get Him to the Greek" -- so that's awesome. Thanks, J-Pete.