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Horschel boasts octopus pants for final round of U.S. Open


ARDMORE, Pa. -- What to make of the octopus-print pants Billy Horschel is sporting in the final round at Merion? We asked Golf Digest's Marty Hackel his thoughts, and "Mr. Style" was effusive in his phrase.

"I love them not only because they're fun but because we're finally getting people to pay attention to what guys are wearing. They're putting smiles on people's faces." Hackel said.

How much does Hackel like them?

"There's only one pair in existence and I'm trying to get the second pair," Hackel said.

The Ralph Lauren pants, for those also interested, are available in shorts for $125. But Hackel says it takes a certain character to pull the look off.

"It fits Billy's personality to a T," Hackel said. "When I saw Billy (Saturday) the first thing he said to me was, 'Wait till you see what I'm wearing tomorrow.'"