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New wedges

Honma's latest wedge line is far more than just a blinged-out look


Honma’s Beres line of clubs is known for helping those possessing slower swing speeds as well as having deep pockets—in other words, ultra-premium clubs for those seeking the golf-equipment equivalent of a status symbol. But can golfers get excited about an expensive wedge? The company certainly thinks so with the introduction of its latest Beres wedge line.

Available in five lofts, the wedges stay true to Beres’ heritage, being made from premium materials and rooted in intricate craftsmanship. More than 100 Takumi master craftsmen (defined as one who has worked on Honma clubs or shafts for 20 to 30 years) are employed in the creation of the wedges, providing a level of personal attention to detail not found in mass-produced clubs. As with all Beres-branded equipment, there is a jewelry-like aesthetic, but don’t let the blinged-out look bely the fact there is serious technological horsepower to go along with the snazzy look.

The five options range from the steel-shafted Beres wedge to the more well-appointed 2- to 5-Star models. The higher the star rating, the more technologically advanced and the greater the use of exotic materials in the hand-rolled ARMRQ shafts. Higher stars also mean more gold and platinum touches in the club heads, ferrules and grips, too.

This generation of Beres wedges includes a number of technologies geared to creating maximum spin with precise turf interaction. Those elements involve a patented dual-plated design where the sole incorporates nickel-chrome plating that produces less friction. That combines with a smooth camber, to ensure the club head seamlessly slides through the turf and sand for optimal speed at impact.


For spin, a proprietary black-nickel plating is used on the milled club face. The combination results in grooves with edges that maintain their integrity longer while producing maximum friction and surface roughness to create additional spin. The reverse-taper clubhead design (where the thickness of the head gradually increases from the bottom to top) helps move the center of gravity higher, while promoting the ball staying on the clubface longer for consistent distance with the proper amount of spin.

The stock shaft is a lightweight True Temper Dynamic Gold 95 VSS PRO steel shaft with an Onyx black finish. In the 2- to 5-star models, the company’s ARMRQ shafts provide additional counterbalance to enhance swing speeds. The 3-, 4- and 5-Star ARMRQ shafts also incorporate what the company calls Twist Fleuret Technology where through the combination of new high-strength, high-elasticity materials, energy is transferred from the swing to the shaft more efficiently. These proprietary graphite shafts are ultra-lightweight, but also utilize a unique internal metal fiber structure that responds well at slower speeds.

The Beres wedges use two distinct sole grinds. In the 50- and 52-degree models, the I-sole boasts a thin trailing edge that works well on full shots to deliver consistent distance. In the higher lofts, a C-sole uses an aggressive trailing edge relief in the heel and toes areas along with a flat bounce surface—ideal for those who like to open the club face around the greens.

The new Beres wedge line is available now across Europe, with prices ranging from £249 to €279.