Honma New Releases for 2024


Looking to learn what you need to know about the latest new products from Honma? These handy thumbnails will keep you up to date on the company's new releases across all club and ball catetgories.


Beres 09 family: Honma introduces its latest Beres line: the 09 gold and silver. Aimed at moderate to slower swings speeds, the Beres 09 woods incorporate an intricate uneven-thickness design, precisely engineered to optimize face flex. The irons utilize slots to create deeper face deflection at impact for better ball speed. The irons also use L-shaped face design that wraps around the sole to improve launch and distance. The line also adheres to traditional BERES 2- to 5-Star grading, with more advanced shaft technology as the grades progress. Drivers start at $900, fairways/hybrids at $400 and irons at $3,150 for a set of 5-11, AW, PW.


New TW-S, TW-X, D1 golf balls: The company will launch three new golf balls in the U.S. market, including for the the first time one of the top-selling balls in Japan. Included are a pair of cast urethane models, the TW-S and TW-X ($36 per dozen). The TW-S emphasizes spin and softer feel. It features a larger core design than past models, while the intermediate ionomer layer is soft and flexible to enhance backspin and soft feel. The TW-X emphasizes higher speed. Its large core is surrounded by a high-flexing intermediate layer to increase ball speed. The D1 ($27 per dozen), the highly successful ball in the Japanese market, is a two-piece offering originally targeting moderate speed players but updated for the North American market. Geared for distance and straighter flight, the ball uses less polybutadiene rubber in the core by blending in recycled materials. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions yet still produce the resilient larger core that yields low spin and more ball speed.