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Holly Sonders on why she's going to the prom with a 16-year-old kid

July 26, 2015

*__ Editor's Note: __Fox Sports personality and former Golf Digest cover Holly Sonders agreed to a prom date with 16-year-old Andrew Orischak, who lost in the finals of the U.S. Junior on Saturday. Sonders had originally agreed to Orischak's proposal that she would go to the prom with him if he won the title, but when the player squandered a five-hole lead with eight to play, she said she'd go with him anyway. *

And @AndrewOrischak....I'm happy to go to the 2015 prom with you if I'm still invited. Your mom has my phone number. @FOXSports @FOXSports1

— Holly Sonders (@holly_sonders) July 25, 2015

Looks like I'll get to go to the fifth high-school prom of my life. Andrew Orischak, runner-up at the U.S. Junior Amateur on Saturday, says we're on for Hilton Head Island High's prom next spring.

It all began Friday after the U.S. Junior Am's round of 16 when Andrew's father playfully asked me if I'd accompany his son to the prom next year. It got a little more real when Andrew himself asked if I'd be his prom date if he won the entire championship, a deal I accepted with a smile. I liked the kid's confidence.

By the time I reached the production trailer, my entire Fox crew had heard the news and were having a good time with it. Shane O'Donoghue and Steve Flesch mentioned it on the broadcast and media outlets quickly picked up the story. There was no turning back on the deal I had made.


When Andrew reached the championship match, I gave my phone number to his mom to show I was serious.

Then, Saturday afternoon, we watched Andrew's 5-up lead slip away in the final eight holes only to have Philip Barbaree beat him on the 37th hole to win the U.S. Junior.

I know how crushing that must be for a teenager. I remember what it was like playing on the same stage many years ago (I won't say how many.). Andrew put his heart and soul into the week, and we all could see how upset he was last evening.

I was having dinner with my mom and decided to tweet Andrew that my offer to accompany him to the prom was still on.

So, next spring we'll go to his prom if he wants me to be his date. I'll need a dress. And you better believe my Fox crew will be involved. They're fighting over who can be the chaperone, our driver, photographer, etc. We're all about bringing fun to golf.