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High school golfer declares himself 'Clutch Mikey,' asks Waffle House for NIL deal during electric interview

October 06, 2023

Until Friday morning, we were not aware of high school golfer Tad Griffin, AKA "Clutch Mikey." And that is a shame. Because "Clutch Mikey" might be one of the game's best personalities. At the very least, he's given us one of golf's all-time best interviews.

A senior at Southeastern High School in South Charleston, Ohio, Griffin capped off his final match for the Trojans with an absolutely electric post-round Q&A. Fortunately for us, the cameras were rolling as he discussed his nickname ("I never miss a putt under pressure"), his Waffle House merch "You know, it's the greatest restaurant"), and his future plans.

"I'm going to try to get on the PGA Tour, but if that doesn't work out, probably the NBA," Griffin deadpans. "And if that doesn't work out, I don't know, probably Clark State Community College."

He also managed to ask Waffle House for an NIL deal—and for a job. Brilliant.

"If they're hiring, I don't know how much they pay, I'm looking for more than minimum wage," says Griffin while wearing a Waffle House undershirt and visor. "But I'm willing to work."

It would be tough for any golfer to top this on a comedic scale, even Phil Mickelson or Max Homa. And if Griffin actually shot 93, that just makes the whole thing even better. OK, we've teased this enough. Have a look. You won't be disappointed:

Seriously, athletes—and interviewers—should take notes. This video should be studied for years to come. Just look at this exchange:

CLUTCH MIKEY: "I walked up the ninth fairway, I told all the people in my group, 'I'm going to make this putt, I'm going to hit 'em with the 'Are you not entertained?' Hit 'em right there."

INTERVIEWER: "Were they entertained?"

CLUTCH MIKEY: "I don't know. I'll let them tell you."

Boom. The only downside to the interview is that it sounds like it will be the last one Clutch Mikey gives with his high school golf career ending. "This is the end of the road for golf right here," says Griffin, who let Waffle House know he still has basketball and baseball seasons coming if they're interested in signing him. "I'm out. Clutch Mikey out."

Good luck with whatever you wind up doing, Clutch Mikey. We're sad we barely got to know you, but we're happy because we'll always have today at least.