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High school golfer aces the same hole THREE times during one golf outing

June 09, 2023

If you've never made a hole-in-one (hand raised), this story might make you a bit sick. That's because a high school golfer managed to make three (Yes, THREE!) aces in one day earlier this week. On the same hole.

OK, so they weren't quite your conventional aces because they came during a VFW golf outing in which Colin Bobowski was playing the role of "celebrity hitter," according to La Salle High School. That means Colin stayed on the sixth hole at Aston Oaks all day and hit a tee shot that groups could use. So he got a lot of cracks at the 145-yard par 3, but still, what a legendary feat—especially for a freshman.

Absolutely remarkable. Unfortunately, there's no video of any of the aces. And unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Colin won anything special for his heroic efforts like the 16-year-old who won a car worth $60K earlier this week. But on the bright side, he did make the local news. And moms and dads everywhere know you can't put a pricetag on that.

"Once I got the third time, it was just like, 'What is happening?'" Bobowski says in the NBC 5 Cincinnati clip. "I was questioning if everything was pushing towards, or if something was helping me. But it was definitely a lot of shock and happiness."

Of course, for those keeping score in home, whether these count as official aces might lead to another heated hole-in-one debate. Regardless, this guy is going to be a big man kid on campus now.