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High school football coach FaceTimes with team during game while his wife is in labor, is married to the game

A South Carolina high school football coach faced quite the predicament over the weekend when his team's game and his wife going into labor happened to coincide. Like any man that doesn't have a death wish, Academic Magnet coach Steve Kamp made the correct decision by being with his wife. But while he may be married to Mrs. Kamp, we also found out Steve is still married to the game.

As first reported by Scott Eisberg for WCIV in Charleston, Kamp made sure to still check in with his boys via FaceTime. Multitasking at its absolute finest:

If there's a coach/husband of the year award, Kamp just locked it up. In fact, we should create one and name it after him. The Steve Kamp Husband-Coach-And-Now-Father of the Year award has a great ring to it: