News & ToursSeptember 23, 2009

Hey, Monty, Twitter will tell you why he's not there

European Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie was bemoaning the fact that Ian Poulter is not playing in the Vivendi Trophy in France this week.

"Ian Poulter, having not qualified for the Tour Championship and the final FedExCup event and having been picked for the last Ryder Cup team, I felt a little bit more effort might have been made to come here," Montgomerie said.

"I haven't (spoken to him to ask why) but I don't want to. I don't want to make a big issue of this."

One can understand Montgomerie's pique, given the urgency of the Ryder Cup. It's time to bear down. The matches commence on Oct. 1...of 2010. If he's this uptight more than a year in advance, how will he be reacting next Sept. 23?

Tough to side with Monty on this one. Here's how Poulter explained his absence on Twitter:

  • it would have been great to play the seve trophy, but the schedule becomes very difficult to play every event, so important not to burn out

  • really want to be fresh and strong for all of the Ryder Cup qualifying events that im going to play in, Ryder Cup means everything to me

  • So important to get some quality time with the family as i will miss them badly for 6 straight weeks Oct,Nov when i play 5 events in a row.

  • Not that easy to leave the family for that length of time, 3 weeks is a killer let alone 6. They change so much so quickly.

-- John Strege

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