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Hey, Johnny Miller!

September 07, 2009

What we love about Johnny Miller is that he gets to people. He bugs everybody, the players and you. Miller's habit of contrasting the pro and amateur game's caught the attention an amateur--and Golf World reader--from Texas.



Dear Editor,>

Concerning Johnny Millers' frequent comments directed at us pathetic amateurs...During the Deutsche Bank Miller said, "this is what amateurs don't do ".


Hey, Miller, how about some negatives directed at "has-beens" who are TV commentators because they can't "do it" anymore?

Yours (with 57 years of high handicap statis and still having fun with the game called golf),

Bob Schearer

Spring, TX

We hear you, Bob. And I'm sure there are a bunch of professionals who would join you in your ire. But what would televised golf be without him? One could argue that his best quotes outnumber the rest's put together. Who can forget, "If I had been in the gallery, I think I'd have gone home." Half of the fun of our sport is the talking about it, on the course and off. I don't think Johnny has said anything about my "amateurish" game that my closest friends haven't already.

--Bob Carney