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Here's your official 2016 Masters drinking game

April 05, 2016

As we all know, the Masters is a tradition like no other. And because of all the well-known customs and observances associated with Augusta National, the tournament broadcast can feel like déja vu.

Which is what we love about the Masters: In our transitory culture, it's comforting to know there's a place immune from time.

Plus, the Masters' systematic script makes for the perfect drinking game.

No matter the year or leaderboard, viewers are treated to highlights from Jack Nicklaus' win in 1986, and video of players skipping balls across the pond at No. 16 during practice rounds. Announcers remind us that the "patrons" are downing pimento cheese sandwiches, and that No. 15 was the site of Gene Sarazen's 'Shot Heard Round the World.' Jim Nantz greets us, his friends, to let us know the Georgia pines have liberated us from winter's hibernation. And the music. That sweet, sweet music.

This year we're having some fun by raising a glass to these rituals. Watch the video above, and when the cues come through your television, join us in creating a new tradition like no other: The Golf Digest Drinking Game.


Take ONE Drink if...

Jim Nantz says, “A tradition unlike any other.”

Azaleas are mentioned.

A former one-time winner is shown playing.

A hole’s nickname is used.

Ten triplex mowers are seen mowing in unison.

Jack or Gary are shown hitting the ceremonial tee shots

A ball rolls slowly enough that you can read its brand.

You see Jack Nicklaus receiving his sixth green jacket.

Condoleezza Rice is seen wearing her green jacket.

Phil Mickelson throws a thumbs-up to the gallery.

A putt breaks toward Rae’s Creek.

You hear bird noises.

Take TWO Drinks if...

Tiger’s famous chip from 2005 is shown.

You see Greg Norman collapsing to his knees in 1996.

Anyone is shown crying.

Bubba Watson misses a shot and motions towards his caddie.

Azaleas are shown along with the sound of a guitar.

Jordan Spieth looks at the hole while putting.

The words pimento cheese are heard.

Coverage is thrown to the Butler Cabin.

Patrons wearing hats with five or more Masters badges are spotted.

(Click here to download your own version of the rules.)