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Here's Phil Mickelson making an absolute mess of the sixth hole at TPC Boston

September 02, 2016

Phil Mickelson was even par through five holes at TPC Boston in the first round of the Deutsche Bank Championship, but then the sixth hole happened, and from there, his day unraveled.

Mickelson, the 2007 Deutsche Bank Championship, put his tee shot in the fairway, setting up an easy enough approach from 144 yards out.

His second shot went too far left, though, and this is where it ended up:

Deep in the thick of tall grass, rocks and mud, the ever-daring Mickelson went up the ball with the intention of knocking it out of the treachery. Notice the collection of other golf balls left there by golfers who probably said, "You know what, I'll just drop."

Mickelson took a couple hacks at it, both unsuccessful. "Did it come out or no?," Mickelson asked after the second attempt. PHIL, you mean to tell us you were swinging blind in there? Definitely a move you only make in the first round.

He finally took a drop after that, leaving him with 64 yards to go and six strokes already taken on the hole.

Mickelson finished with a quadruple-bogey eight, his worst score on any hole in his career at TPC Boston.