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Here's our boss, Golf Digest's Editor-in-Chief, back on TV and living it up at Pebble Beach

February 12, 2016

A year ago -- to the day, it turns out -- we wrote about our boss Golf Digest Editor-in-Chief Jerry Tarde's clutch hybrid shot that was caught on TV during the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Here's that shot.

At the time, we made all kinds of tongue-in-cheek remarks about how he was our boss, and so there was no way to describe his shot without looking like the world's biggest suck-ups. Now comes another Pebble Beach Pro-Am, and Tarde is back lapping up the glory of the Monterey Peninsula. This time he even scored an interview on Golf Channel after a second round in which he and pro partner Ricky Barnes settled into a tie for 11th place after a second round 66.

Again, same deal. We could tell you how brilliant Jerry sounded, eloquent yet unassuming, but we just come across as a bunch of sycophants, so we're not going to say that. Unless he wants us to, because then we will.