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Here's Macaulay Culkin helping Santa Claus win a bar wrestling match with his "Home Alone" antics

December 15, 2017

Home Alone is inarguably one of the top five Christmas movies of all-time. (Home Alone 2, not so much.) It has everything one could want from a holiday tale: juvenile hijinks, big spirit, wacky relatives, the badass with a heart of gold, killer soundtrack, John Candy...the works. All presented perfectly through the lens of Macaulay Culkin, one of the few childhood stars that didn't make a viewer want to punch a hole through the wall. Though Culkin's enjoyed an interesting -- and frankly, underrated -- artistic career, Home Alone is the only vehicle that evokes his name to the general public.

Because Christmas is round the corner, Culkin is making his annual return to our screens. But this year, the 37-year-old (37?!? Damn, we feel old) is in the news for a slightly different reason: helping Santa Claus win a wrestling match.

"Bar Wrestling" is apparently a thing now, because 2017, and at the "sport's" latest showcase, Culkin was sitting ringside while Old St. Nick was on the business end of a beatdown. A scene Culkin could not abide, coming to the Jolly Man's defense by, yep, using the tactics displayed in Home Alone:

The only way that could have been better is Catherine O'Hara charging into the ring at the end to hug her fictional son. Nevertheless, thank you, Macaulay, for once again saving Christmas.