Here's how we'd fix these Miss Universe contestants' golf swings

January 13, 2015

Donald Trump celebrated his renovation of the Red Tiger course at Trump International Doral on Monday by hanging out with a bunch of Miss Universe contestants, which is a very Donald Trump thing to do. In any case, part of the ceremony involved a few different contests hitting golf balls. Some of them looked pretty new to the sport, so we wanted to offer a helping hand.

Miss Ireland

[#image: /photos/55ad7b91add713143b42b937]|||miss-universe-1-518.gif|||Probably the best swing of the bunch. She straightens her body a little too much during her backswing. If she takes off those high heels and maintains her posture a little better, she could be pretty good.

Miss Czech Republic


Miss Ghana


Miss Israel


Miss Lithuania


You can see the full video, courtesy of the Miami Herald, right here: