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Here's Golden Tate snagging a beer from long distance and chugging it in an American flag outfit

March 26, 2018

According to Gallup, the public's confidence in American institutions has never been lower. Just open a newspaper and you'll understand why. Actually you can't because newspapers don't exist anymore, which perhaps proves our point: Uncle Sam's been taken to the cleaners as of late.

However, for those losing hope in the probity of the red, white and blue, turn up the Bruce Springsteen while feasting you eyes upon Detroit Lions receiver Golden Tate's inspirational act, one that puts the Gettysburg Address and the Crossing of the Delaware to shame.

Yep, that's Tate hauling in a Hail Mary beer toss, stoically toasting his newfound friends and proceeding to chug that goodness down, all while wrapped in Old Glory herself.

Are we advocating for Tate to get his own statue for his triumph? Well, Rocky Balboa got one, and he's not even real. May we erect a memorial in his honor, one that shines as bright as Tate's example in this time of darkness.