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Here’s (exactly) what Tiger carries in his pockets on the course

November 06, 2019

For many players, all the little details of golf can be overwhelming. Not only swing technique, but there’s the etiquette, rules, even the social do’s and don’ts, like “Do you mind if my brother-in-law joins us—he’s excited to try golf?” (That’s a don’t.)

In the final episode of “My Game: Tiger Woods,” you’ll go behind the scenes at the shoots and hear some of the small things that go into Tiger’s game. Here’s a fun one: What does Tiger carry on him when he plays?

“In my right-front pocket, there’s always a quarter, a divot tool and at least three tees. In my left-front pocket, there’s my Chapstick,” Tiger says. “If it’s cool and damp, my glove is always in my front-left pocket. If it’s hot out, I’ll air it out in my back-left pocket. Other than that, I really don’t have any quirks [smiles].”

These are idiosyncrasies, for sure, but you can bet Tiger has his reasons for doing them the way he does—and so should you. You won’t find a tour player who doesn’t want his clubs filed in his bag a very specific way. Point is, fit your golf to your personality. If you like things neat, set up your game that way. If you’re a little looser, then build in some spontaneity. Just be true to it—like Tiger.