Here's Bubba Watson hanging out with Tom Brady and Drew Brees

August 21, 2015

The Greenbrier has a wide-ranging portfolio. It boasts an award-winning resort, a world-class golf course that hosts a PGA Tour event, a once-secret government bunker, a football facility and a neighborhood featuring a who's who of sports celebrity. The latter two intersected this week in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.

Bubba Watson, a resident and celebrity spokesman for the resort, was on hand for a joint practice between the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints. The Saints have made the Greenbrier their training camp home the past two summers, and as Watson is off this before the FedEx Cup kicks off next week, he decided to take in the pigskin festivities.

Aside from the requisite photo ops, Bubba competed in a throwing competition, actually beating Saints rookie quarterback Garrett Grayson:

But the most impressive thing about Bubba's visit? He got curmudgeon Bill Belichick to smile:

What can you say? People love them some Bubba.