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Here's Bo Jackson explaining his ridiculous career to an unimpressed kid

March 21, 2018

It is kind of depressing to think that even when you're Bo Frikin' Jackson and there was a time when they made entire Nike campaigns about you, there are still going to be kids who have no clue who you are.

We get it. Time moves on. You might have won the Heisman and played two major professional sports at the same time and kind of dominated both. But eventually you're just a guy hanging around the batting cage listing off your otherworldly credentials in the same way your neighbor talks about leading the JV football team in tackles his sophomore year.

Are we reading too much into this exchange between Jackson and the son of the White Sox's Adam LaRoche? You tell us.

We at least give Jackson credit for not going the whole false modesty route. Yeah, he won the Heisman for the BEST player in the country and was the ONLY guy to make both the NFL Pro Bowl and the Major League All-Star Game (then won the All-Star Game MVP!)

"So I've been there," he tells the kid. "A little bit."

OK, whatever you say, old man.